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Happy New Year!

The new reality has caught up with us again this winter. The freedom we enjoyed in summer is already a distant memory. Although the big concerts still can't continue and this situation will most likely last in the new year, I am very grateful for the many "small" musical encounters of last year. Mini-concerts a

wrapped in church services in the Martinikirche Siegen and the protestant church in Freudenberg not only ensured that my voice somehow remained fit, but also that I feel more and more connected to my new home. Livestreams, that ensured the audience in my home country Belgium could continue to follow me, quickly became more professional. Cantatas in mini-cast, continuing choir workshops online, singing lessons with my piano and computer in the hallway, while my husband focused on his job in the living room. Many thanks to all who made it possible!

With various performances during Advent and Christmas, I didn't experience the darkest season in Lockdown as a lonely time either. "Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke, yes. And I was also allowed to sing Bach's solo cantata BWV 84 (very!) spontaneously on New Year's Eve at the Martinikirche. You can listen to the cantata service again here. I hope that the many changes do not darken the small beautiful encounters in life for you and that you can start the new year in a positive and healthy way. I am looking forward to further musical collaborations with Peter Scholl, Stefanie Geueke, Helga Maria Lange, Almut Pieck, ... Happy New Year!


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