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World premiere - Musica Sacra

What an experience to be able to sing with colleagues from Studium Chorale again after this long break. In August, Georg Hage led us through a lively programme of motets from the Bach family ("Bach 2.1") in concerts in Maastricht and Aachen.

The concert for the Festival Musica Sacra in Maastricht, conducted by Hans Leenders, was highly praised by the audience and the press, which was reflected in a very good review. Both the recordings and the review can be found on the Studium Chorale website.

Robin Holloway, the composer of "Earth said to Death: anthem contra corona" was, unfortunately, unable to attend the concert, but was "moved and grateful" after listening to the recording and warmly thanked the choir and conductor. Jo van den Booren also praised Studium Chorale for the premiere of his work "Gaia": "The chamber choir sang purely, expressively and highly concentrated - a performance of great calibre."


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