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I will happily help you to improve the technical processes of your singing or speaking, so you would feel freer and enjoy expressing yourself.
I offer private coaching in English, German and Dutch; since 2020 also online.

Regularly, I offer workshops as well. Please check the calendar for more information. To register, feel free to contact me. Would you like to be personally notified of new courses? Please subscribe.

Currently, there are no courses planned in English. However, I gladly answer your request.

My work as a singing teacher and voice coach started in 2007, guiding singers in their search for their voice, helping amateur as well as professional singers. Many of my students have become professional singers themselves. As a vocal coach, I support the Bach Choir in Siegen since 2021.

Professional speakers (e.g. teachers, lecturers, etc.) are also among my students and can benefit greatly from the exercises for the speaking voice. My workshops on vocal health and vocal hygiene for professional speakers have already been held at various universities in Germany.

As a member, I am affiliated with Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangpädagogen e.V. (BDG) and Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband e.V. (DTKV).

On my path to understanding how the voice works and how I can prepare my voice for singing every day without exception, I got to know Judith Lindenbaum. In the tradition of Frederick Husler, she teaches with deep insight about the physiology of the voice and shares her knowledge with younger generations of singing teachers.

Mrs Lindenbaum's vocal technique, which I also apply in my singing lessons, forms the core of my dissertation, which I have been working on since 2020. Supported by a team of voice teachers at various universities and colleges, including Judith Lindenbaum herself, I am currently researching the effect of this technique on the vocal health of our participants.

Soprano Irene Carpentier

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